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(F.O.R.D. for short)
A homebrew club in southeastern Michigan.
We are a member of the Ford Employee Recreation Association but not limited to taking membership only from Ford Employees.

Meeting Schedule
Sep 25 (Tues) Around 6:30pm at Fort Street Brewery - in the dining area for the 1st part of our meeting then in the back brew area for the rest of the meeting.  Fort St. Brewery is located at 1660 Fort St. in Lincoln Park; at Warwick, 2 blks north of Southfield Ave. on the west side of street. Ph:313-389-9620  See their map
  The Mar '07 newsletter is now online.

F.O.R.D. is very active in the brewing scene of SE Michigan. We participate in many events, and are always in search of new ways to promote the hobby of homebrewing, as well as local microbreweries and brewpubs.

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Education/Public Service

We perform several brewing demonstrations throughout the year at local homebrew outlets. These include events for "National Homebrew Day" (the first Saturday in May) in the spring, as well as "Teach A Friend To Homebrew Day" in the fall.

Beer Tastings

We participated in the now defunct Rivertown Beer Festival at the Strohs River Place - a charity beer tasting for the SE Michigan chapter of the Red Cross. Our members volunteered to man the tables, clean up, and do other chores during the festival. It was great fun! We hope that new sponsors can be found and that the festival will continue where it left off.

We also volunteer as servers at the Michigan Brewers Guild Summer Festival which is held in July at Greenmead Historical Park in Livonia. This is an outdoor event that features outstanding draft beer from Michigan breweries. The festival debuted in 1998. All who attended had a blast!

Plain Ol' Fun!

To reward ourselves for all the hard work throughout the year, we have our annual, members-only Beer-B-Q. A great opportunity to gather en masse and sample each others' brews, get stuffed, play some volleyball, win some raffles - HAVE A BALL!

We recently organized several brewpub crawls for our members and friends. We charter a bus that transports us to three or four different brewpubs throughout Michigan. We take brewery tours, sample food and beer, and have loads of fun! We are planning more brewpub crawls to different breweries throughout the year.